1st Executive Assistant Ltd is a refreshingly unique company with focus on recruiting high calibre professional Executive/Personal Assistants to FTSE companies:


Vice Presidents


Non-Executive Directors

Chief Executive Officers

Company Directors



You KNOW how difficult it is to find that SPECIAL PERSON

A PA/EA who:
is utterly reliable, loyal, honest and efficient as well as being fun to have around.
will make it HER/HIS business to know YOUR business thereby setting you free to do so much more

we know what you want
we have 20+ successful years working at Chairman and CEO level
we can give you reassurance that we will find that SPECIAL person for you

we attract the calibre of candidate that top level companies want




Clients testimony

" I knew what I wanted but suspected that I would never have it again. I had it once, it was all so efficient, I sort of took it for granted at the time. She ran my life like clockwork and everything worked, then she disappeared. And now after three replacements with PAs' who can't spell, don't turn up some days and forget half the things you tell them, you think you are never going to find somebody that good again."

Well now you can - 1st Executive Assistant Ltd.